Clients come to SKY for attractive investment returns and an understandable, transparent investment process. They stay with SKY because we are deeply committed to client service.

  • Open Phone Policy

    During office hours a member of our staff will personally answer your phone call.

  • Security

    We are deeply committed to keeping your information safe.

  • Quarterly Account Review

    Clients receive a comprehensive quarterly review packet which includes performance reporting, investment holdings by sector and our quarterly market review letter.

  • Annual Review

    We recommend meeting at least annually with clients to review their personal situation and the progress of their accounts.

  • Client Education

    We hold periodic education events featuring both internal and outside experts, to review timely topics which can help clients manage their financial affairs.

  • Systematic Account Review Process

    Accounts are reviewed weekly for performance, consistency with unique account instructions, and the adequacy of cash reserves.

  • Daily Review of Unusual Security Price Movements

    Unusual security price changes are identified daily and reviewed to determine if action is appropriate. We’ve found the best way to prevent problems is to monitor developments in real time.

  • Daily Account Reconciliation

    We reconcile clients’ SKY accounts with their custodian’s records each day to assure that dividends are paid as expected and to detect any unexpected activity.

  • Daily Review of Account Remittances and Disbursements

    We review clients’ deposits and disbursements to determine that they are booked correctly.

  • Ad Hoc Discussions

    Among the most important work we do for clients is to respond to evolving priorities and investment objectives. Perhaps funding college or retirement is a concern. We work with clients to formulate an investment strategy to achieve these important goals.