SKY Investment Group Hartford CT

SKY Investment Group Hartford CT

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SKY Investment Group
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Services for Tax Professionals, Advisors, and Fiduciaries

SKY Investment Group provides professional advisors with a full complement of investment management, custody, and reporting services. Our goal is to make sure your client has confidence in their strategy, feels secure in their custody arrangement, and gets the income and returns they need; while facilitating your administrative responsibilities and protecting your business's margins.

SKY Capital Management: Conservative equity and balanced account management is the firm's core competency. We are available to help professional private client advisors with the oversight of their clients' direct-instrument financial assets.

SKY Platform Services: Efficient management of client assets requires a robust portfolio management and order management platform that integrates multiple custodians, provides for real-time reporting from an open database, and facilitates daily reconciliation of client account holdings and transactions.

SKY Reporting Services: With all transaction level detail and complete cost basis information prepared and available through our open database platform, we can easily customize and generate reports for our clients and their advisors.

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