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SKY Investment Group Hartford CT

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SKY Capital Management

SKY Capital Management - Conservative equity and balanced account management is the firm’s core competency. We are available to help professional private client advisors with the oversight of their clients' direct-instrument financial assets. Equity holdings tend to be diversified across sectors and emphasize companies with a global footprint and steady earnings, dividend and cash flow growth. Portfolio turnover is low, averaging 10 to 15% per year, which helps to keep clients' realized capital gains long-term and under control.

  • Conservative portfolio management tailored to your client’s particular situation
  • Direct investment in individual stocks and bonds for complete investment transparency and control
  • Robust compliance system and platform allows for management of quite-specific client investment preferences
  • Value-driven approach keeps portfolio turnover low and taxes under control
  • Risk-averse, low-turnover approach seeks attractive returns with less risk than other higher-turnover strategies

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