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Portfolio Risk Management

At SKY, we understand that you want to earn attractive returns without assuming excessive risk. Therefore, portfolio risk management is something we take very seriously. It begins with the initial client meeting and is integrated throughout all subsequent client service activities.

SKY's Portfolio Risk Management Process

  • Risk Tolerance - We meet with you to understand your willingness and financial ability to assume investment risk.
  • Portfolio Management - Your portfolio is structured to reflect your individual risk profile using diversification, asset allocation, cash flow generation, and security selection.
  • Daily Reconciliation - Each account is reconciled daily to make sure portfolio activities are properly transacted.
  • Portfolio Monitoring - We maintain a tight and closely monitored buy list of securities. All portfolios, securities and market sectors are screened daily for unusual activity.
  • Portfolio Rebalancing - All accounts are reviewed quarterly for positions and sectors that are out of balance with portfolio targets.
  • Client Constraint Monitoring - SKY's advanced portfolio risk management system monitors cash balances and other constraints relative to account targets.

Our aim is to prevent problems before they arise. Our investment in technology and a disciplined portfolio risk management process make this possible.