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Investment Objectives

At SKY, we recognize that each client comes to us with a unique personal situation and financial considerations that affect investment goals and decisions.

Accordingly, the first step we take with you is to thoroughly understand your personal circumstances, financial situation, and aspirations. Equally important, we want to understand the role your financial assets are expected to play in meeting your short and long term needs.

Your investment objectives are defined in a Portfolio Objectives and Considerations statement. SKY creates a POC to document our discussions and formalize the guidelines for managing your accounts.

Key components of the Portfolio Objectives and Considerations statement:

  • an in-depth description of your circumstances and aspirations
  • portfolio strategy and return expectations
  • risk constraints you wish to impose
  • income and liquidity needs of the portfolio
  • other constraints on portfolio design
  • unusual legal or tax issues you face
  • asset allocation targets
  • investment time horizon

Once written, the Portfolio Objectives and Considerations statement becomes the roadmap for all portfolio management activity and client meetings. It is a crucial tool for keeping focused on your investment objectives and not getting sidetracked by the periodic fads so prevalent on Wall Street.