SKY Investment Group Hartford CT

SKY Investment Group Hartford CT

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SKY Investment Group
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Client Service

Clients come to SKY for attractive investment returns and an understandable investment process. They stay with SKY because we are deeply committed to client service:

  • Open phone policy - During office hours a member of our staff will personally answer your phone call.
  • Quarterly account review - You receive a comprehensive quarterly review packet which includes performance reporting, security holdings by sector and our quarterly market review letter.
  • Annual Review - We will want to meet with you at least annually to review your personal situation and the progress of your account.
  • Client Education - We hold periodic education events featuring internal and outside experts to review timely topics which can help you manage your financial affairs.
  • Annual tax package - We will mail, subject to your permission, an annual tax package to your CPA. This can cut the time and cost of tax preparation.
  • Systematic account review process - Your accounts are reviewed weekly for performance, consistency with your special account instructions, and the adequacy of cash reserves.
  • Daily review of unusual security price movements - Unusual security price changes are identified daily and reviewed to determine what course of action is appropriate. We’ve found the best way to prevent problems is to catch them early.
  • Daily account reconciliation - We reconcile your SKY account with your custodian's records each day to determine if dividends are paid as expected and if any unexpected activity occurred.
  • Daily review of account remittances and disbursements - We review your deposits and disbursements to see if they were booked correctly.
  • Ad hoc discussions Some of the most important work we do for you is in response to your evolving priorities. Perhaps you have a child going to college or you are considering retirement - we can help you get organized around important goals.

SKY has the people and expertise to help you meet your investment management needs.