SKY Investment Group Hartford CT

SKY Investment Group Hartford CT

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SKY Investment Group
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Business Philosophy

SKY Investment Group is an independent, research-driven, direct-instrument money management firm based in Hartford, Connecticut. Our company was founded on the principle that our first duty is to you, our client.

Consistent with this, our firm is structured to minimize conflicts of interest:

  • SKY is privately owned and operated. Our independent ownership structure frees us from corporate pressure to favor any particular investment solution or product. We work directly for you.
  • Our firm is independent of any particular custodian of securities. You can hold your securities and trade through the custody and brokerage platform that best suits your particular situation.
  • We operate on an explicit, advisory-fee-only compensation structure. SKY does not charge commissions and has no hidden charges. We are motivated to minimize your trading expenses and generate the best returns possible, subject to your unique tolerance for risk. We work to preserve your capital, obtain the best execution on trades, and provide superior customer service.

SKY is a small firm that works with a select group of clients. Taking care of you is our first priority. We welcome new clients who subscribe to our risk-averse investment management approach and would prefer to work directly with their investment manager.

How is SKY Different?

Our ongoing investment in technology reflects our commitment to continually improve service to our clients. SKY's technology platform allows us to individually manage accounts and portfolio preferences. It plays a vital role in all our client communication and service strategies. Our proprietary platform promotes efficiency, improves scalability, lowers operating costs and helps us be responsive to you and your changing information needs.